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How to Create Soft Springy Curls from Naturally Kinky Hair

This  is a  technique  for moderately  kinky  to  naturally  curly  hair.   Requires  styling about once a week, if properly maintained.
What you’ll need:
•  Moisturizing Shampoo
•  Leave-In Hair Conditioner
•  Spray bottle with water
•  Treasured Locks Curl Defining Pomade & Gel
•  Wide and/or Medium Tooth Comb
•  Hooded Hair Dryer
•  Hand Held Hair Dryer
1) Wash hair with moisturizing shampoo and condition with a detangling conditioner.

2)  Leave  hair  wet  and  comb  through  to  detangle  with  a  wide  tooth  comb.

3) While  hair  is  wet  saturate  with  Treasured  Locks  Locks  of  Curls  Pomade  &  Gel

4)  Part hair into sections about 1/2” to 1”.  Add pomade to each section as you work

5) With a wide to medium tooth comb, begin to gently comb hair one section at time from  root  to end.   Start at  the neck and work your way  to  the  front of your hair. Pull  the  hair  slowly  to  elongate  your  natural  kinks  into  smoother,  longer  curls.

6)  It’s  important  to  keep  the  hair wet  during  this  process.   Use  a  spray  bottle with water,  or  Protective  Mist  Bodifier  or  Treasured  Locks  Leave-In  Conditioner.

7)  The  look you are going  for  is  smoother,  longer curls while your hair  is wet. You will then  “set”  the  hair  using  a  hooded  dryer  to  maintain  the  curl  when  dry.

8)  Sit under a hooded dryer for an hour or until hair  is fully dry.   It’s  important to have the  look you want before you sit under the dryer.   If you want a part  in your hair, part  it  now.   If  the  curls are  elongated  now,  they will  not be any  longer  later.

9) After drying,  for  further elongation of curls, you can use a hand-held dryer.  Grab, the hair by the end and gently stretch  it while blowing hot air on  it  from the  root down to the mid-point of the hair.

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