Written by Tendenzias

Smarty Glamour Style: the clock for a sophisticated look


That’s right, Smarty Glamour Style clock is suitable for those who want a sophisticated look, the perfect item for all girls who want to feel since the ultra trendy accessories, charming and refined style that can make your order even more unique look.

This fantastic watch is the ideal accessory for those who want to feel important even for one night. This is thanks to its elegant design, though the simple lines is excellent in being able to give unique look to your giving a touch of true and dazzling charm. It has a silicone strap glitter blakc total in the gradient, with a dial timeless style from a white or black with hands that have shades of gold.

Extrachic model completely, a real novelty for everyone who wants to show taste el ‘keep pace with the latest trends on the market today.

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