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Skirts 2012

Skirts 2012. New designs and trends.

Skirts are my favourite items of my wardrobe. Because they are usually trendy and easy to combine with many styles, I care a lot about skirts.

Do you like them? Do you wear them a lot? For work or just to relax in a sunny day, with leggings in the winter and even combining them with pants, skirts are versatile and you will be able to find one of them that you’ll love.


An ally during the summer and a perfect item for the cold seasons, skirts are always feminine and trendy, whatever style you choose. Minis or maxi skirts, with patterns, tube and in any fabric, skirts are a useful piece of cloth.

If you’re wondering what’s new on 2012, well… here we are!

During 2012 skirts with high waists will be a big boom, especially for formal occasions. Mostly we will see designs in leather or hard fabrics, mostly plain and bright colours, combined with blouses that create a contrast, because the colour or the texture. The best length for theses skirts is to the knee; they look more feminine and give you a serious touch, ideal for work.


2012 will see skirts getting longer and longer especially after the summer. Maxi skirts will be part of a perfect outfit for elegant occasions when you have to look feminine and delicate without losing a mature look.

Half way skirts with a sexy touch are also trendy and a good option to go to work or to an elegant dinner (and a bit sensual, has to be said!).

Miniskirts won’t be much of a trend, except during the summer. More informal skirts will also be seen everywhere, especially in light plain colours and creating strong contrasts.

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