Written by Tendenzias

Silk dresses

Silk dresses are one of our favourites in FashionWE. They are feminine, sensual, soft and they look amazing. An elegant option for every woman that wants to feel like a woman!


The most beautiful thing is to see a woman wearing a dress that seems to be floating. Is almost like a movie! Some transparencies are also popular among these dresses, but it’s not for every time. Finally, the silk is shinny and with a velvety texture that feels amazing when wearing it!


Silk pants have also become part of the best options for the summer. The silk is good for hot days, but it has to be taking care of, as any wrinkle may be obvious.

Some silk dresses can be easily wear with cats, creating an interesting contrast, as we may have seen a lot in Sex and the City. This way we can use our favourite silk dress also during the winter!

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