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Shorts, the perfect clothes for summer


There are few articles so versatile, so comfortable or so chic as short pants. This type of cloth is a must in any cupboard when the heat comes. If already in winter you can see them combined with thick socks even if the thermometer marks several degrees below zero, how are we going to avoid them in this time of the year? He who says shorts, says also pants to the knee. Shorts in any of their interpretations are a great option especially at the moment of preparing a light suitcase. They occupy little space and are “wearable” all around the 24 hours of the day, provided we combine them with the appropriate elements.

From the most beach style version, with old shoes and a basic vest for the mornings, to a a more casual look, combined with a pair of cowboy boots (for example) and an ‘oversize’ vest like Kate Bosworth would do it, very Isabel Marant style. It is a perfect look for an evening date, a concert or any plan that does not requires fixing up too much.

And certainly, also for the night. Taking the place of the traditional miniskirt, the shorts are raised as the major article of the summer nights. Either those made of leather, (because, indeed, the leather is also for the summer) with a white shirt or a top of lace, for example, and a few good sandals or shoes. And -it goes without saying- high heels. We must not forget that this useful article is also the savior for the days at work where the heat is asphyxiating, and you do not need to cover your legs yet comply with your office’s dressing code.

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