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Shopping in NYC

New York is the paradise of outlets or sales, with substantial discounts on all kinds of articles, from the home to apparel brand. Some of the best shops are on Orchard Street and Grand Street, Lower East Side, selling articles in 20 or 50% less than the price retailer. You can find all imaginable types of clothing, Service Bureau, shoes, furniture or electronics. This zone stores close on Saturday, but generally open on Sunday.
Another good area for clothes at discounted prices buyers is the garment District, located between sixth and eighth, avenues between 30 and 40 Street. Its centre was given the name of “Fashion Avenue” (Fashion Street) at the beginning of the 1970s.
Here many couturiers and manufacturers have rooms to model, some of which are open to the public. The best time to visit these stores is on the eve of any party, which is tradition to make gifts.

Many visitors to New York head to electronics stores in search of the many undoubted big bargains, but they should use caution when shopping.

Every year, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs receives more than 700 complains about electronics stores and issues approximately 1000 violations. The Department has issued a list of points shoppers should be aware of.
+ Shops which advertise goods at special prices but then announce that those particular items are out of stock, while the salesperson urges you to buy something more expensive.
+ Used goods which are sold as new.
+ Stores which remove accessories such as batteries and carrying cases from the box and then charges extra for them.
+ Check if the store has a refund policy. If it has a “no refund” policy, this must be prominently posted.

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