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Shoes for the autumn-winter 2011/2012 period

In this article we will try to provide guidance regarding women’s shoes available during the 2011/2012 autumn and winter seasons. We know that the shoes have always been one of the many passions of women and for that reason we will provide information about models that will be available in the upcoming season and which look really interesting.

As we open the topic of shoes in the 2011/2012 autumn and winter season, let’s look at a collection that exhibits a truly stunning style, expressed in an elegance and sophistication of styles that is reminiscent of bygone days: Miu Miu shoes. There are different models available, all very beautiful with differing characteristics: in this collection you can find beautiful ballerina shoes, as well as shoes with wedges in all colors and with very stylish finishes done with high quality materials such as paint, velvet with different decorations and colors, all of which certainly will not pass unnoticed. This collection is certainly the epitome of femininity and elegance and these shoes are for special occasions.

For rainy days, we believe that the collection Rain Boots provide boots or shoes that more than any other secure your feet, especially if you are walking the streets in the middle of a downpour. The Rain Boots are rubber boots designed for women and are currently available on the market where you can find a lot of brands available in different colors and styles. In this article we propose the rain boots signed Gioseppo, which are also available on the official website of the manufacturer.

For days when there is no rain and you can enjoy a somewhat milder climate, we recommend Havaianas as a new trend that we yet seen little of. Also during this period you can wear dancers and explore collections designed and offered during Halloween, a must for lovers of this genre. The PrettyBallerinas, with their version of Halloween are well suited to women who enjoy a particularly “dark” style. We know that black is always considered a very elegant color and can be easily combined with any style of dress, so this model may appeal to persons with more diverse tastes. Another model we want to talk about are the logs. These are shoes that a woman could hardly give up especially when they represent a viable solution to the usual boot.

For the winter 2012 there will be two models that will be snapped up: the stiletto-heeled, very sophisticated and undeniably sensual and the most comfortable heels which make a perfect pairing with pants. Finally, we will talk about the neckline. This is a model of shoes that is present even in winter, which is great for evenings event. They are available in all colors and different materials.


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