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School Fashion


Fashion is not limited to only some set of people, somes schools are allowed to wear different forms of clothes, not wearing uniforms, and so they are even interested in looking good even for school.

Most colleges and Universities and even some high schools allow their students to wear casual clothes, as long as it is in the guidelines and rules of the school and others make their students wear uniforms.

In primary and some high schools students have uniformed designed for them to wear, they may have to go to tailors and seamstresses to get their uniform created but the uniform must made within the guidelines of the school. For college and university students who are allowed to wear casual clothes, most schools request that the famales do not wear anything to short and revealing and that they also wear good shirts. Uniformed schools for men they may wear a pants, shirt and tie at some schools and for females they may wear skirt, shirt, vest and tie, or skirt, shirt and tie and other type of uniformed clothing.

The rules for schools who allow students to wear casual clothing is usually strict because they want them to be appropriately dressed and not cause any distractions to other students or classes.

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