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Scarves: Accesory for both Men and Women

man-in-suit-wearing-scarfA scarf is a long or square pice of cloth that is tied on a persons’ body part such as hear or neck, they are usually used in cold weather to keep warm, but have now become a part of fashion, where it is even used in hot weather, they may come in various style and colors that matches a clothing style. It was originally used to clean sweat from gace and neck in desert places. The most common type of scarves are: knit scarf, fur scarf, winter scarf, velvet neck scarf, kid scarf, cotten-linen scarf, neck scarf, head scarf, designer scarf, embroided scarf and animal painted scarfs. Scarves are sometimes used for comfort, because perosn use this as something hold on to, instead of utting their hands in their pockets or folding their hands. Handmade scarves are a beautiful art from fabric paint experts. Scarves are made mainly in bright colors and is a favorite to everybody.

Scarves was made for men but we soon have seen that women have adapted it as a part of Scarves. A scarf adds style and is a wonderful accesory for both males and females.

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