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Saving “junkies hair”

They are addicted to straightening, coloring and drying to the detriment of their hair, more and more damaged. Hairdressers and brands are adapting finally needs of these women.

“This morning I met in the East Village with a girl’s hair and fashion show gray crepe Jean Paul Gaultier Fall-Winter 2011-2012, said last October in New York, Josh Wood, creative director of color Wella Professionals Trend Vision at the International Awards 2011. What a joy to see the backstage hair, even the most eccentric, to get faster down the road! “If the wick and natural brown consensus still hold the upper hand, has, in fact, less and less rare see here a sheet of purple curve, pulls the fifties, or even a square gominé: trends derived from the podium, the music scene, film …

“Public figures to challenge the media and women’s magazines to change their look. One day, have her hair glosses frost, the day after they cycles, then the week after wearing lengths of polished iron. Women want to play the same thing, at home or in salon. Already I felt like a drug dealer, when I had to refuse to pose extensions to a client who asked me two or three times. Enough is enough, “said John Nollet, an expert on L ‘ Oréal Paris and guru of the stars – the curls of Vanessa Paradis, the blonde Uma Thurman and Diane Kruger, is he.

After years in which they were blamed for their eccentricity, hairdressers almost afraid to move. “A good trader can say no to some chemical treatments, if they determine that the quality of the hair is too damaged. One more reason to this phenomenon of” drugged hair “, as often happens to us United States: women of all ages, who run their extra length, the analysis Sylvie Moreau, CEO of Procter & Gamble Professional Salon. The hairstyle has become a hobby for them, a form of Entertainmen t. Extensions, the (de) to color, tattoos and hair professionals loft (Brazilian, Japanese) are their fashion accessories. This overdose of technique and style is changing the market for hair products. ”

In addition, brands such as Wella, Redken Davines addicts or contact with hair ultraréparatrices formulas. Better, once only available at Colette in Paris and in some salons, Bumble and bumble arrives this month in French Sephora, among others, a line dedicated to sensitized hair too. “Like most of our references, products for the (really) Injured were born from the observation that the tank, our clients have their hair saturated, more and more damaged. However, the tools and the style are used much less aggressive than in , 1960. The problem today is that women are abusing all at once, “says Peter Lichtenthal, its president. “Caring for hair fashion wears That” (“Treat the hair as fashion leads”), claiming the label.

Similarly, the Sebastian brand distributed in the salons imagined color Ignite, two lines of shampoo and conditioner for use according to the technique of coloring choice. Because we do not solve the problem the same way a hair fiber damage by scavenging or a tone on tone repeated.

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