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Royal elegance

visita principes de gales

We all have followed the ample coverage that both TV channels and the press have been giving to the official visit the Prince of Wales and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall are making to Spain during March 30th and 31st, followed by a private visit to Seville and to Granada’s countryside. As expected, Charles and Camile have been hosted by Spain’s Princes Phillip and Leticia and are staying at the El Pardo Palace. The visit included a Gala Dinner at the Palacio de Oriente given in their honour  by their hosts and a private lunch with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía at the Zarzuela Palace. As shown in the picture above, for the Gala Dinner, Camila chose a Bruce Oldfield blue dress in silk with a diamond necklace whereas Letizia bet for a vermilion dress by Felipe Varela and a golden bracelet on her left arm.
leticia y camilaFor the Royal Lunch, the Princess of Asturias wore a charcoal gray wool coat with matching shoes, whereas the wife of the heir to Great Britain’s throne bet for an ivory dress with a skirt bellow her knees and a white pearls necklace, pretty similar to the one she used for the visit to a training center for dogs serving as guides for blind persons. In this occasion, Doña Leticia wore a red dress with a brown belt; both ladies wore “nude” shoes, which seem to be the trend this season. Leticia was carrying an Adolfo Dominguez purse. In Seville this morning, Camile was wearing a light dress, very colorful, in green, white and red, as well as cute umbrella (not for the rain, but for the shining sun).

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