Raymour and Flanigan Furniture 2012

Color of summer, the delusion reminiscent of sea water. This also takes its name. It is cheerful and intense, yet connects well with other summer colors. How about a sea-green?

Raspberry color

Raspberry color

Sea green is the color that despite appearances can have many shades. Just as sea water, sometimes more blue, or with more green tinge. Therefore, it is quite versatile and can wear it a lot of women.

The best present in it will be ladies of the spring or summer type color. Shades of that color but may not be identical. Spring will present themselves better in the sea, which has more green, and the years in the more blue. You’ll look beautiful in any of these shades if:

  • you’re blond or brunette with a light gray color,
  • you have green or blue eyes – they highlight the beauty of the sea depth.
Raspberry gloves

Raspberry gloves

Sea green would also look nice on a southern brunettes. Natural Redheads and can therefore look at the color of tired.

Sea green would look beautiful with white and beiges – it’s the color of sand, so naturally suited to the sea. To further tweak the intensity of sea greens offer a combination of violets, for example, the color of cyclamen. On the evening of the sea will become more chic and mysterious character in black or cocoa brown.

Let’s move on to the next color, very popular with Raymour and Flanigan Furniture 2012. Raspberry is a dark, intense pink with red. It is not as delicate as pink or as intense as the classic reds, which adds to its originality.

Raspberry is definitely a cool color. It combines intense pink with red. It is unpretentious, yet expressive. Certainly gets your attention.

The best present themselves in the ladies a cold type of color. Summer and winter it will look fresh and nobly. Fortunately it is easy to combine color, so each of you may have in the closet or in the Appendices raspberry trousers and skirts. You can wear a raspberry in the face, if:

  • your natural hair color is black or ash blonde,
  • your moles are gray-brown tint,
  • quickly sunbathing, or have naturally dark skin.
Nice raspberry shade

Nice raspberry shade

Raspberry will be beautifully presented with various shades of orange, with cobalt and all grays. In the summer season is also beautifully presents the equally cool sea green. A little quieter and more evening will be a combination of a summary of graphite gray.

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