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Prom Hair Style

Hairstyles for Curly Hair (3)

As you busy planning for your long-awaited prom night; you know, the dress, the shoes, the purse & hellip; the guy & mdash;don’t forget about your hair.

If you don’t care about your hair on prom night, remember that dazzling prom hair can make as big a
splash—if not bigger—on prom night as the dress. Far too often, girls spend all their time fixated on finding
the “perfect” dress and not enough coming up with something spectacular for their prom hairstyle.    Now,
don’t get me wrong, it’s fabulous to go out and find the most fabulous dress. You need time to find
something stylish, fun, gorgeous, unique, and something tha ’s you—without forking over all your hard-
earned cash or begging Mom for extra allowance. Just don’t forget to make your prom hair a part—rather,
a significant part—of your pre-prom preparations. Yes, that’s right—preparations.    Sure, you may
think you can just waltz into the hairdresser’s a couple hours before the big event and expect your stylist to whip
up something amazing and have you emerge as prom hair goddess extraordinaire, but that’s not reality.    You
need to plan in advance what kind of prom hair you want.    A part of this planning is learning what the latest prom hair
trends and styles are, as well as figuring out what will go with your dress, your personality, your features, as well as your
hair itself.    While popular prom hairstyles change from year to year, it’s important to keep in mind that you should
go with something you feel comfortable with and that suits you best. Besides, these days, it seems that almost anything
goes, anyway.    However, if you’re looking for popular prom hair for this year, it seems that soft, fresh and
feminine is the way to go. Think curls, waves, layers, bangs, partial updos, and swept-up styles. If you have shoulder-
length, naturally wavy, and thick hair, this type of prom hair will work wonders on your ultimate prom image, giving you
that soft, sultry, and feminine look.     An example of a prom hairstyle fitting in with this look involves a partial, gently
swept-up updo with soft twists and lots of loose layers of curls and waves hanging in the back and also framing the face,
with wispy, side-swept bangs.    However, if soft curls aren’t your thing, or if your hair is just too poker-straight and
won’t do well with a wavy updo, then go with your strengths and stick with straight prom hair, either with textured
or sleek and shiny tresses.    More edgy, hip, trendy, and “funky” prom hairstyles can be another option for
prom hair. You can also go with the popular shoulder-length bob, or be daring and go super short. Or you can go
traditional—the classic French braid, a sleek, long ponytail, or leaving your hair down with a bit of wave, are all
basic and simple prom hair ideas that can work with almost any dress, theme, and hair type.    You can always
accessorize your prom hair, too, to give it that something extra. Stick-on jewels, vintage hair combs, funky hair clips,
glitter, fresh flowers, and chopsticks are just a few ideas of what you can use to jazz up your prom hair. However,
don’t be too over-the-top: you want your hair accessories to match and suit your hairstyle, dress, jewelry, and
overall prom look.    When coming up with ideas and making preparations for your prom hairstyle, it’s helpful to
make a few hair trials with your stylist to try them out and see what works and what doesn’t. Once you’ve
found the “perfect” prom hairstyle for your big night, make sure to select one or two fallback options. You
may just end up with a bad hair day on prom night, or your chosen prom hair may just not work with your hair that day.
Stick with something simple and basic for your fallback—something you know will work and look good, even if
it’s not your first choice.    If you don’t have the budget for two or three hair trials and then your actual
prom-day appointment, you can alternatively choose a hairstyle you’ll be able to do yourself, or better yet, find a
hair-inclined friend who can do it for you—and for free! Just make sure you or your friend has all the supplies
you’ll need to perfect your prom coif of choice.     Sure, hair isn’t everything for your prom night, but it can
sure make the difference between looking like your little brother did your hair, and looking like the prom hair queen you
know is inside you.

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