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PlayBoy Calendar 2012

Playboy gives us more pleasant surprises and this gives us a beautiful 2012 calendar with 5 of the German national soccer players under 20: Annika Doppler Rudic Ivana and Juliana Simic (Bayern Monaco), Kristina Gessat (Gutersloh) and Selina Wagner (Wolfsburg ). It is nothing new, we have already published a calendar of other soccer players, soccer players and on one, several, but wags on the interesting point is that, in this case, the footballers are professional, really nice and they decided to pose for Playboy and not a generic schedule.

According to the protagonists of the calendar is intended to demonstrate to the general public that the footballers are also beautiful girls, very feminine. The calendar was created near the World Under-20 played in Germany, one way, according to the girls, to bring fans to the event, encouraging them to come to the stadium to see for themselves what is good and beautiful. The Here are some shots taken from the 2012 Playboy calendar of German soccer players and a video on backstage.

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