Planning Your Wedding


You  have  found  the  person  you  want  to spend the rest of your life with and have accepted  the  ring  and  proposal  and  now  you want to shout the news of your engagement to the world. When sharing the good news, courtesy  and  thoughtfulness  are  the  guide-lines to follow. Traditionally, the bride’s parents are informed about the engagement first,
and then the groom’s parents are told. Once both  sets  of  parents  have  been  notified,  the groom’s  mother  is  expected  to  contact  the bride’s mother and arrange for the parents to meet. If this isn’t possible, they should keep in  touch  through  written  letters,  telephone conversations,  and  e-mails.  You  can  celebrate  your  engagement  with  relatives  and
close friends in person, by telephone, or with a nicely written engagement announcement. Everyone will become aware of your engagement when they see the beautiful new ring. Your  knight  in  shining  armor  has  given you a gift of a ring as a pledge of his undying love and commitment to your future. An engagement gift to him in return is a classy and
thoughtful  gesture  to  show  him  how  much you love and appreciate him. Suggestions include a beautiful watch, engraved cuff links, a handsome ring for his right hand, or any-thing  in  gold,  platinum,  or  silver.  Consider his tastes and tailor your selections to them. It doesn’t have to be a gift of jewelry, but that is often a good place to begin. It doesn’t have to exhaust your resources either, but it does have to come from the heart.Every bride deserves the best and is looking  for  ways  to  give  a  personal  touch  and style to her wedding celebration. There is no need to have a cookie-cutter wedding when you  can  choose  a  unique  reception,  theme, and  location  and  still  remain  within  your budget. Whether planning a traditional formal,  semi-formal,  informal,  or  modern  day wedding, your goal should be to have fun and personalize it. Some good examples are to in-corporate the bride and groom’s heritage into the decor, choose a historical period, a fairy-land theme, your favorite hobby, or a beach theme, include a slide show set to music with photos of you and your spouse from birth to present, write poetry or letters to each other and  read  them  during  the  ceremony,  or  include color for a festive and memorable occasion.

Your first step in planning a successful and memorable wedding is to set a budget and the second step is to hire a wed-ding  consultant.  Hire  your  wedding  expert early, even a year in advance, and when you interview a consultant, ask about experience and fees. A  professional wedding planner can ensure you get the best value for your dollar and can organize your
ceremony  and  reception,  deal  with  all  sup-pliers, oversee your rehearsal, and solve any last-minute  problems,  creating  that  special ambiance for all of your wedding festivities.

Flowers  represent  the  beginning  of  your new life together with the promise of growth in love and devotion.

A reception is the celebration of one of the most joyous moments in your life with those closest to you. Filled with tradition and symbolic  foods,  the  reception  provides  family and friends the opportunity to greet you as husband  and  wife  for  the  first  time.  To  create  a  reception  that  is  uniquely  yours,  use your imagination in choosing a location. The  time  of  day,  the  location of  your reception, the number of guests, and your budget determine the services you will need and the type of cuisine you serve. The  wedding  cake  should  be  a  glorious centerpiece to the festivities. The flavor and icing should be appropriate for the season of  the  year. A  beautiful  invitation  and  a  heartfelt thank-you note will mirror the warmth and
happiness you feel during this special time in your life. Memories  of  your  special  day  become more precious as the years pass. That is why it is crucial that a record of your wedding day be preserved by a professional photographer.

Hope these tips will guide you through the many wedding-related questions, enable you to personalize your wedding, and keep happiness and joy in the forefront.

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