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Physical characteristics and a haircut, how to make them get along?

Perhaps many women do not take into account the fact that when they are choosing a hairstyle, they must consider certain factors. First they need to pay attention to their physical person, characteristics peculiar to that individual; secondly they should take into consideration the basic structure of their hair. In fact, according to experts working in hair styling, in choosing a hairstyle, one should not just consider the facial features but also the structure of the body. Now, let’s see what kind of cut would be good for a person of short stature. The cut that best suits the women of short stature and slender body is half-height, which might come up to the chin or behind, so if you meet these physical specifications do not go with a very short cut which would result in a link between the head and result in it being too disproportionate to the rest of your body.

If the hair is too long, this may highlight your short stature, so too this model type must be avoided. The average cut for small women will be animated by slightly curled tufts or a ruffled style. Also interesting is the style that seems to give the illusion of a permanent kind of light, but it is curly hair that is not very compatible with the body structure of the thin woman. In order to create different alternatives, the short woman can create a model that is customized with different cutting measures that will not emphasize their physical defects. With regard, however, to the choice of colors, they can choose any color that they prefer provided that is moderate, not too flashy especially if the person is a woman of 25 years and over. In cases where the woman concerned presents with a very strong body, that is curvy and abundant, it is recommended that a cut be neither too long nor too short, thus emphasizing the length of the face. The cut you choose can also be slightly curled, but must always be at a medium length, with tufts on either side of the forehead, pulled back so as to lighten the line of the face to make it appear more slender than it is in reality.

Again, as for the choice of colors to use, the woman who has the physical shapeliness which emphasizes their femininity, should, in our humble opinion should use darker colors and shades, maybe going from brown to dark red, so that the facial features that are a little more rounded tend to be diminished or completely hidden by makeup.



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