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Party hairstyles for men

Even men love to show their hairstyle for a special event or a party. That’s why, if you want to have a cool look, or to change your hairstyle for a special occasion, we tell you everything about party hairstyles for this 2011.

men hair3

The 2011 will still bring uncombed styles, as the famous actor Robert Pattinson, that can easily be modified in different occasion. Even so, we have seen it less and less in the last months, and the celebrities are choosing a shorter hairstyle, perfect for the summer.

Short hair is easy to style and it can be used in a natural way or quickly style with some gel (a good option if you want to add a modern touch to it). Apparently a nerd style is also going to be a mode, so don’t be afraid to make a line separating your hair in two.

men hairmen hair2

Shinny styles are also a rule, so you can use as much gel as you want. Just be careful! You don’t want your hair to look too greasy.

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