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The English are just looking for trade

Why is Britain in the European Union? It is a question asked by many Europeans. The continent increasingly wants to advance the construction of European and is constantly hampered by....

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Makeup: Tips from the professionals

1.Trucco Maleterre mineral as Eddie, makeup artist for L’Oréal Paris: minerals, reflect light. They create a veil on the skin, without the lid tightly. To avoid the appearance of the....

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Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is a company that has been dedicated to create styles and trends for more than 50 years. With a well known quality in their production and designs, Ashley....

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Ikea Catalogue 2012

Ikea is one of our favourite stores to buy furniture and decoration items for the house. As the 2011 finishes is time to make our decoration drems come true: renovate....

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Remove warts: Some natural remedies

Warts can occur in various shapes and sizes and usually appear as rough elevations on the skin. These appear most frequently on the fingers, elbows, knees, face and scalp. Those....

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How to clean suede shoes

With the arrival of autumn, a change of wardrobe is needed. Away go the t-shirts and the short-sleeved shirts and here come the sweaters. Goodbye to the shorts and here....

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How to Clean shoes

Keeping shoes clean is not always easy. Much depends on the wearer, the children, for example, are unlikely to give up the pleasure of jumping in puddles during rainy days....

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