Written by Tendenzias

Of a Summer Dress:

Is just like that, this year’s summer fashion for the female sex involves the use of long dresses. There are, in fact, skirts with slits are very high for the day for the evening. Furthermore, there are transparent materials. In fact, the clothes do not have lace and linings are also many shirts and skirts in transparent materials that reveal the line of the wearer, a trend suitable for all women who are not afraid to look seductive. Another element that characterizes the summer will be the trench coat on bare skin designed by Max Mara for the road, certainly not go unnoticed! Finally back to the fashion of microabito. It makes a happy return too long gown, and there are rumors around what will always be en vogue even the dress for this summer 2011 that it is really micro to be worn with bare legs, and I recommend it without the leggings, you risk to ruin his good design, do not believe ?!


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