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NYC Marathon 2012

To register itself to the Marathon of New York is necessary above all to connect itself to official the site of the show and to record itself. Because the number of the athletes recorded surpasses the number of participants greatest fixing from organization, for the places stopping will carried out an I draw. And’ possible however to obtain some places guaranteed to participate the Marathon of New York in these cases:

* to be limb of the New York Road Runners from January 31 2010 * participating in the Marathon of New York 2010 that have canceled before to participate * all those who completed 15 marathons of New York * those who in 2008, 2009 and 2010 have recorded but did not win the I draw * runners that reached specific chronometric times in official competitions certifiable between January 2010 and 2011 * those who register themselves spread across programs of charity  those who register themselves across international partners.

The cost of the to record is itself of 11$, while the participation to the Marathon has a cost of 281$ for the residents to the of outside the USA. Included in the tax of participation there are: the entrance to the Marathon, all exhibition of the Marathon and of the fitness, the show of fireworks, the official handbook of the show, a bag containing snack, the program, the poster, a knitting ASICS, I convey to the departure, commemorative medals and final refreshment all arrival, certified official all arrival.

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