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Nike Air Pegasus 92

As the competition brand, Adidas, is bringing us new models and styles all the time, Nike has begun to do the same. We can only be happy!


In this path of action, Nike is renewing classic shoes in different and modern styles. And, among others, this is the case of the Nike Air Pegasus 92.

During the Olympic Games in 1992, Nike launched an air version of sportive footwear that was a hit. This is the version they have taken and renovated. Even if the model is recognisable they have made them look slightly different.


This sportive footwear is for those who love the retro style and the good old Nike classics. There are some news regarding the materials: some parts of extra durable nylon have been add to offer more freshness.

There are two options in colours, Electric Blue and Orange. There is also a feminine version in pink and black.

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