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New York Fashion

New York is a Cosmopolitan city, which is populated by all kind of ethnic groups; that is why fashion can vary a lot. As Milan or Paris, New York is one of the most important cities of the fashion world. For years, people have been inspired by the New York Fashion, which is notable for its mixing ways of fashion from around the world.


New York Fashion Week (known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) has promoted New York Fashion worldwide. The most prestigious international designers have exhibited their collections there.

Shopping New York fashion is one of the city´s main attractions. Tourists come there and go quick to fashion shop, which always have special offer for fashion hunters.

If want to know, which will be the main fashion trends for coming season, you only have to visit New York and stop at any corner. In few minute, you will see a real fashion runway walking up and down the street. But you have to take care not to make mistakes, because New York Fashion is also very short and changeable.

Although many actresses and singers have been inspired by New York fashion, it doesn’t means that they are always among the best-dressed stars of the year.

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