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Nerd Glasses: 2011 Trend for eyeglasses

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Since we are going to talk about 2011 trend for eyeglasses your may be thinking about futuristic models, either frameless or colorful, with imaginative shapes (hexagonal, perhaps?) Well, nothing more apart from reality. The truth is that this year people are wearing the opposite, the so called Nerd glasses, a fashion that continues to be the trend for 2011, as it was during 2010.
But, what exactly are nerd glasses?
Do you remember those thick-rimmed glasses used during the sixties? Well, may be your are not old enough, but probably do recall your school classmates, those who did very well at maths and every other subject but were not very popular (perhaps you even were one of them). They are the nerds, a word that has become very popular during the last years (although there is no unanimity about where did this word come from: one legend says that it originated with employees at the Canadian Northern Electric Research and Development company (N.E.R.D) who wore pocket protectors labeled with the acronym of the company. Another believes “nerd” was originally “knurd” (“drunk” spelled backwards), so it was used to name university students who were too studious to drink.
The nerd fever has become so intense that some people are using these eyeglasses with no graduation or, like in Japan, with no glasses at all (that is, wearing only the frames).
Anyway, the fact is that black, big, full-rimmed glasses are being sold by every brand and eyeglasses store all over the world. Some in the traditional models, like Spanish chain Multiópticas, with is line , other with more futuristic designs, as Prada, that presented during its Spring-Summer Collection 2011 Show some very big, rimmed glasses, but using light browns and orange colours, for instance.

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