Written by Tendenzias

NAMM 2012

To beginning 2011, Korg renewed the actual list introducing the considerable Korg Pa3X of whom already we spoke in this blog. It was natural therefore that, to the summer fair of the NAMM to Nashville, not novelty in the area of the arranger they are presented. In this matter, something again rather to the next Winter NAMM (January 2012) or absolutely to the Musik Moved of Frankfurt (April 2012), where not surprised in the renewed the middle segment of the arranger workstation Korg. In this close of July, the authentic novelty of Korg USA check other musical products, for example, a sort of analog synch to extremely portable tape. mPer this summer fair, fascinated him some arranger Korg can limit observe themselves this photograph flown off yesterday in the stand of the fair and published from same Korg, where the Pa3X overhangs the workstation Kronos.

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