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Mulberry, the trendiest purses this summer


The secret for the economic success is in the purse. At least for the English brand Mulberry since it has quadrupled its benefits this year. In an economic crisis like the current one, which seems to have the gift of the ubiquity, the English company has obtained 28 million Euros in benefits for this exercise. Last year it obtained 6 million Euros.  And thanks to some of its models, turned in classic and hung in the shoulder or the arms of well known actresses like Sienna Miller, Keira Knightley or Kate Winslet that, either with premeditated intention or for pure random, promote English products.

Attainable luxury” is the epithet that accompanies Mulberry, a firm created in 1971 – this year celebrates its 40th anniversary – by Roger Saul, then 21 years old and his mother, Joan, in Somerset’s county, south of England. In the dining room table they had the office and at the garage they made the first purses with a touch of rural aesthetics and of urban riot. The brand grew and in 2002 the founder was ousted.

From purses they have moved on to accessories and clothes. They continue in Somerset making the model Roxanne, which from 2003 is kept in vogue, the Alexa, produced strongly in 2010, or the Bayswater, created in 2000, with which Mulberry wanted to honor another iconic purse: the Hermes Kelly, of Grace Kelly, recreating the lapel that goes down and the closing portfolio-like. Other of the successful models is the Daria. And the price of this attainable luxury? From 500 to 900 Euros for purse. The definition of  “attainable”  is up to the reader’s consideration.

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