Modern Wedding Ceremonies- Still Preserving the Symbolism and Traditions from Centuries Past

jenna-bush-and-henry-hager-cut-the-cake-nc-thumbHave you ever wondered how some wedding  traditions  started,  such  as  saving the top tier of the wedding cake, wearing a white gown,  wearing  a  wedding  ring  on  the  third finger of the left hand, or referring to a wed-ding as “tying the knot?”
The wedding cake was a symbol of good luck  and  fertility.  Ancient  Romans  would bake  a  cake  made  of  wheat  or  barley  and break it over the bride’s head as a symbol of her  fertility.  The  traditional  three-tier  cake was  intended  for  the  wedding  and  then  for the christening, which was assumed to occur the year after. The bride and groom were expected to kiss over the tower of stacked cakes without knocking them over. The bottom tier is for the wedding reception, the middle tier
for distributing, and the top tier is saved and eaten one year later. Today, cake is exchanged between the bride and groom to show loyalty and devotion to one another.The wearing of the ring on the  third finger is based on an ancient belief that the vein in  the  third  finger  ran  directly  to  the  heart. Rings have been popular since the days of ancient Greece and Egypt and were worn by the wealthy. In the 13th century, Pope Innocent III  instituted  a  waiting  period  between  the engagement and marriage and the betrothal ring  was  given  to  seal  the  engagement.  The medieval Italians believed the diamond was
created in the flames of love, thus making it the romantic choice for a wedding ring. “Tie the knot” is an expression which originates  from  Roman  times,  when  the  bride wore a girdle to protect her purity. The girdle was tied in knots and the groom had fun actually untying it. Many believe that the white wedding dress was  made  popular  by  Anne  of  Brittany  in 1499 and others say that Queen Victoria was married  in  the  first  white  wedding  gown  in the  1840s.  Before  that,  women  wore  their best dress at their wedding. Today, wearing a white wedding dress stands for joy, happiness,  and  affluence.  A  white  runner  is  used to signify a pure pathway into happiness and rose petals in the bride’s path are thought to lead her to a sweet and plentiful future.

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