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Mineral Makeup Tips


Natural is coming back full force and with it, the use of mineral makeup. Although it’s been around for quite some time now, mineral-based makeup is the newest trend in beautification. But don’t just go out and buy some, learn how to use it for optimum effects!
First off, go wash your face well and pat it dry. A clean face is always a great place to start. You should also do your face a favor and apply some silicone-based primers for your skin, most mineral makeup lines have them and they help protect you from the elements as well as help keep the make up stay on for longer.
Concealer before Foundation, if need be

So primer goes on after washing your face, and foundation after putting on primer. But if you must conceal some blemishes, put it on before applying foundation. Use a cream concealer, and then a loose powder foundation to even everything out. Before long, you’ll find you won’t need concealer, maybe ever again. Mineral foundation seems to have
healing properties, though what it really does is take care of your skin as long as you use it. Mineral makeup is not irritating at all and even helps your skin breathe, making break outs less of a possibility with continuous use.
Foundation Tip: Minerals are Weightless
To apply your powder foundation, use a kabuki brush – those large brushes that give great coverage. Most loose powder mineral foundations come in a little jar with a partition full of holes at the top, under the lid. Shake the closed jar over and open the lid – there will be powdered minerals clinging to the lid, that’s where you dip your kabuki brush. Tap your brush against the jar to ensure that you don’t put too much and sweep the brush all over across the face.
That should be enough foundation already, but if you must add more, make sure to add a less amount than you have already. Mineral makeup hardly weighs anything and this may confuse newbies into thinking they didn’t put enough. But now you know.
If you’re more comfortable using your sponge, you can mix the minerals on the lid with a bit of water. Mix well to form a cream and apply with a pre-wet sponge. Make light applications and be sure to spread out the cream all over your face and neck. Try not to give in and keep applying more coats.
Remember: just because you don’t feel it on your face doesn’t mean it’s there. Have faith!

Loose Blush and Eyeshadow too
Although there mineral blushes and eyeshadows available as pressed powders, you ought to try the loose powder versions as well. Apply loose blush the way you would loose powder foundation, placing a little amount on your brush and sweeping it across your cheeks and other choice parts of your face. That should be enough to give you a rosy or bronzed glow. Loose powder eyeshadow can be applied either dry or wet, depending on how you like it. Lightweight and gentle, mineral eyeshadow is best for shy girls with sensitive eyes and ultra safe for contact lenses.


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