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Military trends

Military tendencies in fashion are rare so when we find a big brand as Burberry or other designing cloth with this style is something we have to talk about!


One of the main and more popular tendencies with a military style, is the one known as Biker Chic. This style is inspired in the bikers’ culture and the designs are a bit more stylised but the better way to wear them is on a bike.

Jackets: a motorist jacket will never pass, and will always have that little dangerous (like bad boy) charming.

As you can imagine all this collection has black as main character. Anyway, just to give their personal touch, the fashion brands have presented these models with some colours, making them more attractive to massive public.


Sleeves Zip: the zippers are a key accessory in this tendency, the same as the jackets of motorists. They are great accessories that give a really cool touch to your style.

Leather pants: they have to be tight and black, that’s the rule. Some other colours can be an option, as well as some interesting accessories to make them more wearable. Usually they are of leather, but beign this so heavy and uncomfortable, now you can find this pants in neoprene, which is much lighter and easy to wear.


Finally you will have to choose an appropriate pair of boots to complete your style.

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