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Milan Fashion Woman: the Week of the Fashion takes life in the center of the town, two times to the year.

    It is the unquestioned capital of the fashion. A Milanese catwalk farewell more of any ad, for the designers of every part of the world. The event Milan Fashion Woman, more known like Week of the fashion, it is developed two times to the year: between September and October the collections spring are presented/estate of the following year; while between fine February and the first of March ascend in catwalk the heads of the collections autumn/winter of the successive year. To every edition I am more of 200 marched them proposals from the more well-known mason of the world. The event is organizing from the very National one of the Italian Fashion (Cameraman. it), that proposes also the initiatives Milan Fashion Man and Milan Collections Benefits Fashion. The next dates of Milan Fashion Woman I am: * 21-27 September 2011, spring/summer 2012 * 13-22 February 2012, autumn/winter 2012 * 19-25 September 2012, spring/summer 2013 Milan Fashion Woman THE EVENT Milan Fashion Woman had been born I press the fair of Rho. Today it has stretched to the whole town. The highlight is the Week of the Fashion, but for about a month shows alternate, events and expo. I press the exhibition pole of Milan City them hold mattering marched themselves of prat-à-porter, some alone on invitation, other instead public. They do not be lacking the fair and much events organized in the center of the town, among which marched of the most important houses of high fashion, musical events and of show. Around the Cathedral, in fact, it is loosened the Fashion Hub, a planned that wants to make to live the fashion not only to the employees to the intense activities. Palace Jurisdictions, Square of the Cathedral, Palace Cleric and the Philological Circle they are involved. In the town they come ascending also of the maxi you screen on that the parades of the day are projected. In parallel, I press the center fairs, of develops “Myself Milan prat-à-porter”, show that the point of meeting between question became and offer and that links the fashion with the other excellence of the made in Italy. With the change of the request aside of the market, the period of the Benefits Collections became very important, a lot cover the two third of the global turnover of the area fashion. The Room of the Fashion picked this tendency and began to organize a further event, that itself repeat two times to the year: Milan Fashion Benefits-Collections. Between May and June is developed the edition of spring, while between November and December the winter one. Obviously all of the heads presented anticipate the tendencies of the year to come.      

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