Meteor Shower 2012

This is the most intense shade of red. Poppy red certainly is reserved only for those people who like to attract attention. But beware! It’s very difficult to wear color!

Cobalt-style wardrobe

Cobalt-style wardrobe

Red poppy has a bit of neon orange, and just by it’s so intense. Although beautifully presented in nature, it is quite difficult to create avoiding overstyling and with taste.

Red poppy is definitely a warm color. Should be prohibited for color almost winters and years – with their beauty will look cheesy and dominant. Well-colored poppy seed will present the colors of spring, and the best – autumns. You can choose to wear a red poppy, if:

  • Your hair color is golden blond, blond or red ore,
  • your skin and lips are apricot hue,
  • your moles and freckles are brown or amber.
Cobalt handbag

Cobalt handbag

Unlike other neon colors, red poppy is not advised to combine with intense colors. Correctly can look at this statement only orange. For those of you who do not like so much conspicuous offer beiges and pale gold. These two colors somewhat calm red poppy – the first will be perfect every day, and the second – on the way out.

Poppy red shoes

Poppy red shoes

Quite different is our next described color. They call it – the new black. Cobalt is a chic one, but a lot more cheerful than black. Blends beautifully with most colors, and what is more suited to both summer and winter styling.

Cobalt is a very cool shade of blue, mostly associated with Meteor Shower 2012.  Despite this, very easily connects him with the colors of both cold and warm. So it can carry any woman, though not all in your face.

Cobalt is the color palette belonging to the type of winter color. Lord of the summer, spring or autumn color type can wear it in the appendices, trousers or skirts. Cobalt on the face can badly affect the color of your skin. But the face of cold, cobalt will be presented to be extremely favorable. Wear it if you:

  • you have dark skin or easily sunbathing,
  • have natural dark hair color,
  • your moles are gray – brown,
  • you have dark eyes,
  • between whites of your eyes, and the iris shows a strong contrast.

Many fit into the cobalt color. Women with summer type color can combine it with the color such as lemon. Mr. beauty of winter – with amaranth. Fashionable cobalt, however, are merger with warm colors – such as orange. Combination is also quieter adding cobalt beige.

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