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Memorial Day 2012

An irony that the Mahatma Gandhi was murdered from its compatriots, January 30 1948, just a year after the independence of the India. Raj Ghat is the samadhi (place of the cremation) of Mahatma Gandhi, where was cremated he January 31 1948. His ashes had been buried to Raj Ghat, the memorial and was developed during the last years.

The main monument to Gandhi Raj Ghat is situated in attractive green meadows. The planning of the monument was gotten ready from Vanu G. Bhuta, known architect of its time, and the memorial of Gandhi won numerous prizes in India to reflect the simplicity of the life of the Mahatma Gandhi and a lot other obvious features generally in a small ashram of Gandhi. The memorial of Gandhi is constituted from a square to shape of platform with black marbles. A path in stone around the platform comes used from the visitors for circumambulate the samadhi of the Mahatma. The platform offers also the epitaph “Hey Ram” written in Hindi, that had been the last words pronounced from the Mahatma before collapsing between the arms of its followers because of injured from projectile. An eternal flame burns on the site to mean the eternity of the starts of this large leader. The spiritual environment of the Raj Ghat touches the heart of a lot of visitors.

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