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Mascaro, colours at your feet


The light of the Mediterranean Sea  has been the source of inspiration of Jaime Mascaró’s summer collection, as we can see in the picture above. The strips return, one more year, to become the protagonists of sandals who rise up to the ankle on a most suggestive and entertaining way. The tulle and the hair of pony give appear in designs to shine both during the day and the night.

The colour turns into the absolute summer protagonist and Mascaró presents it in all its possibilities. Orange, pink, red and yellow turn into the perfect companions of the vaporous dresses of this time of the year. The master cobbler bets for bold combinations of three colours where every part of the sandal turns into a separated element so the shows cannot go unnoticed.

Jaime Mascaro  is one of the most recognized Spanish shoe makers in the world. Almost a century of tradition and more than 100 collections are the main asset of a trademark that has always been up to the high standards of their customers. MASCARO was founded in Menorca at the early 1900’s as a ballet slippers factory. In the 50’ s the second generation of the firm, under the direction of Jaime Mascaro, changed the workshop activities to a factory of quality designer shoes, initiating a process of expansion that included the opening of various stores in the 80’s. Nowadays, the company has more than 250 employees, 47 stores worldwide with their three main trademarks: Jaime Mascaro, Ursula Mascaro and Pretty Ballerinas.

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