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Maria Llado

“I thank God for not having a girl because I have ruined. If asked by a meaningful name in Spanish fashion, I do not hesitate:” Sybilla. Designed with a dear friend and I have followed him since he started selling in the shop in Berlin Madrid. I’ve always found it wonderful. ”

In fact, he wardrobe is a true cultural experience from childhood. Her maternal grandparents, the Basques and had Arburúa Lladó, of Catalan origin. Both families, friends despite their opposing political views, live in Madrid. Manuel Arburúa, ministers of trade in the ’50s, had a large art collection. Juan Llado, his paternal grandfather, President of Banco Urquijo, promoted the restoration of the famous House of Seven Chimneys (current headquarters of the Ministry of Culture), creating the company’s research and publications, which has hosted many intellectuals away from their seats by of the Franco regime, and the creation of the magazine Cruz y Raya, who directed Jose Bergamin. “The town Lladó Arburúa and artistic concerns, and that is something we have enjoyed – all the brethren.” Of the five, she is the median. “And I have always been more accommodating, but also very sensitive, I see things that most people do not perceive.” Although she found great moral support. “The director of my school, Madurga mother told me that the best thing I had was my way of being and not to ruin me.” During his stay in Washington she gave vent to their creativity. “In the United States I discovered another life, teaching methods which were more participative, was well suited to my character and started to move. I qualified for credits and is worth drawing the same thing as mathematics. In Spain, I drew well but it was not worth anything. They gave me wings and I ended up extending my studies at the Corcoran College of Art. The life of Mary – Her dedication to the field of publicity came when she moved to live in Barcelona. “I was pregnant, I bought this house and my life changed.” The house was destroyed and the rehabilitation of Mary opened a new creative way to interior design. “It meant professionalizing an activity that had always served as an intuitive way. In fact, I left the family home because my mother gave me an ultimatum:” The furniture or you. “I really spent life on track and pieces accumulated in my room.” Carina met in Barcelona, Casanovas, who owns a furniture store in Sabadell and embarked on fellow hunting adventures of the most unusual kind. “As for the house I bought furniture and stored them in the basement which was equipped like a mini home decor.” Then she began to embark on decorating projects. “I was natural, because it was something that had always been home. My father is a frustrated architect and cannot live without a book in his life. I work for my clients.” She confesses that she has another passion: art. But here and not get carried away with the furniture. “Just buy to the best of my ability.”

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