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Man Hairstyle 2012

What to do while wearing elegant suit? Probably you already know this. You also know about haircuts, because there’s something you should be familiar with: Man Hairstyle 2012. But what should you avoid at all costs? Here is the answer.

  • Stuffed pockets

Portfolio, documents, mobile phone, a bunch of keys from the car, apartment or job. This set of things can easily distort the creator of your pants fit.  So what to do with them? The phone you can put  inside your jacket pocket, while the rest will be useful classic suitcase or bag.

Men's fashion most important fault

Men's fashion most important fault

  • Improper shoes.

Inappropriate footwear can ruin your image more than a poorly tailored suit. Each garment is as important, but the shoes are quickly noticed and is based on them can immediately be placed on a shelf under the title “Clown” or “Neglected trollop”. If you are confronted with a choice of departure in the wrong shoes or wrong socks, the better idea is to choose the second option.

Perfect suit

Perfect suit

Ask what are the wrong shoes? The answer is simple. All these artificial leather products straight from the “promotion” in supermarkets, with outstretched fronts pointed end upwards. Long, thick and wagging laces on each side are also not welcome.

  • Too short socks.

Apparently, women love men with legs covered with hair. However, in formal wear attire is better not show this feat of his manhood. Too short socks, plus a custom color from the stamp company doesn’t look very nicely. The best solution is to buy ten pairs of identical socks in black, reaching to mid-calf. An additional advantage of such a purchase will be time saved on the assembly of them.

Stuffed pockets

Stuffed pockets

  • Shirt with short sleeves plus a tie.

Combining that with well-dressed guy can not take place. Forget about such combination. What to do in case of hot summer weather when the heat pours from the sky and the gentle cool not count? Choose a shirt with a thin, airy cotton. When he gave you suffer from high temperature, you can tuck the sleeves, but in no case more than the elbow.

  • Too short, tied with “permanent” tie.

“Permanent” tied tie saves time but also  gives  a sign of lack of basic skills and masculine style. Eternal knot after several days of wear starts to be bad, unnatural crumpled and some of its corners are simply dirty. Learn to tie your tie.

  • Accessories and jewelry.

True elegance is simple. In this line, the only jewelry that you should put for a official visit are a watch and a dress ring. All earrings, necklaces around his neck or wrist should be left on the shelf at home.

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