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Madrid Fashion Week: Great finale


adolfo dominguez
Cibeles will ring down the curtain officially today, yet it will not be until tomorrow that El Ego (the parallel exhibition for new designers) will finish, too.
We were delighted yesterday, as expected, with Adolfo Domínguez´ parade. The sixty year-old Galician born  designer based this year´s creations  on the fashion trends of the 70´s,  with a marked wrist and dresses down to the knee. Even though the accent is put on his gentleman´s collections (some may say he is more a tailor than a designer), undoubtedly the protagonist was -you are not going to believe this- the ant. Inspired by drawings from his daughter Tiziana,  he showed ants all over his dresses, usually as claps (probably as a way to represent one of the reasons of his success: hard work). It was an explosion of color in the case of his women dresses, contrasting with gray tones for gentlemen´s. Dominguez used for ladies´wear fluorescent tones, like strawberry pink, orange and  yellow.  It is worth mentioning, too, Sita Murt´s yesterday parade. The catalonian designer took New York as her inspiration to create and ordinary-people-style, something comfortable and simple, yet distinguished. Pants became one of her most important articles, as well as coats.  Today we will have exhibitions by designers Elisa Palomino, Teresa Helbig, Juana Martin, Nicolas Vandelet, Sara Coleman, Ion Fiz and María Escolé. Tomorrow El Ego will present young and promising designers as Belen Vidal and Moises Nieto, to mention just a couple of them. The session will close with the granting of the Loreal Prize.

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