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Little Black Dress

The little black dress (’LBD’) has long cemented itself as a fashion icon the world over. It remains the height of chic and is considered an essential item in any woman’s wardrobe. The LBD has undergone many changes since its inception- with straps, without straps, short to longer hemlines, with or without shoulder pads- with each catwalk season throwing up new ideas and designers putting their own spin on a classic.


To own a simple black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion guarantees an un-dated look that transcends style, size and social boundaries.

Choose a halter-neck style if you have a large bust, create curves with a layered LBD, to conceal larger hips choose an empire-waist style that flows to the knee or ankle.

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During the day, a LBD with flat or low heeled shoes creates a more casual look, as does the addition of a sheer cardigan for cooler weather. For work, or a smart casual occasion, a tailored jacket can be added. Coloured or patterned tights work well with the LBD as a feature, rather than accessorizing with jewellery which can be reserved for the evening.

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To dress up the LBD during the evening there are a number of options. Choose eye-catching shoes, keeping jewellery to a minimum so as not to detract from the feature of the outfit. For a touch of glamour, go with one statement accessory such as a diamond necklace or ring. Bags and purses also work well in turning a LBD from casual to chic.


Whatever your style or body shape, the little black dress will always be a winner.

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