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Layered Hairstyles 2012

15 biggest mistakes in men’s fashion.

Have you ever wondered what makes a likable guy scares women much better than the devil’s holy water? Here are few proven ways to effectively reduce the attractiveness of each man.

Dirty shoes

Dirty shoes

  • A poorly fitting clothes

Size does matter. Well-tailored clothing is a very important part of the image. S, M, L, XL – this is not much. Statistically, a 25% chance of success.  Too small sized clothes look funny or even stupid. Too large – neglected. Be careful.

  • Dirty Shoes

Most of the women openly admits that at first contact with a man pays special attention to his shoes. Even if you have charming smile, do not subtract the points from the beginning. Invest in shoe polish, because before you know it, you will be carefully scanned from top to bottom.

  • Socks for sandal

From eating French fries and bread no one has died. Some even like it. But at the very thought of this dish turns the stomach. Exactly the same is applied with socks worn to sandals.

Short-sleeves and a tie

Short-sleeves and a tie

  • Wearing too many colors simultaneously

The principle is simple. The more colors you have in yourself the more you increase your chances of getting a part-time clown in the circus. Carry up to 3 colors, no more.

  • Tie to a shirt with short sleeves

This combination is quite common in the rural weddings, where the guests are interested in pure partying, not in elegance or style. Remember! Shirt with short sleeves – no tie, but with a upper button unbuttoned at the neck.

  • Too much jewelry

Cow’s massive chains and bracelets on the wrists look impressive in American music videos. In our latitude, it is wise to invest in an original and interesting pendant bracelet.  Leave your jewelry at home and focus on Layered Hairstyles 2012 instead.

Too long sleeves

Too long sleeves

  • Stuffed pockets

The pants with pockets stuffed look much worse than you think. Do not believe me? Ask, any of your girlfriends.

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