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Intensive Firming Cream 250 ml. Toning and Firming Spray 100 ml. combines the stimulating action of the extract deep sea oak, seaweed known for the ability of metabolic activation, the epidermal and dermal toning action of Centella asiatica, which is essential in the treatment of sagging skin.

Olay Night Firming cream

Complete revitalizing the extract of Panax Ginseng And, invigorating and energizing. The action takes place moisturizing cream, skin softening and stretching, basic assumptions of the firming. The presence of amino acids, sugars, minerals and trace elements of moisturizing factor NMF allows a speedy reconstruction of turgor, the basis of ‘firming effect. Panax ginseng and Humulus lupulus provide an invigorating and revitalizing, energizing. COLA REAL muscle stimulating effect of microfibrils, enhanced by extracts of Centella asiatica and Echinacea angustifolia, healing, stretch marks, which are fundamental in the treatment of sagging skin. The extract of Citrus dulcis, finally, counteracts the effects of skin aging, conducting direct action vitaminizing.

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