Written by Tendenzias

Important aspects of fashion 2011

They say that the shoes have become increasingly important in fashion and even that would have undermined the bags from the first in the ranking of best selling accessories. True or not, it is not difficult to imagine, considering also the trend of mass that we have seen take hold in recent periods: the gladiator sandals from Uggs, from logs to custards, as well for the coming season the shoes will have a key role. We continue to see transparencies for the happiness of us men, Transparency bold (as in the ’70s) but also very accurate. Hot trend: maxi dresses to discern the line of the body, wearing panties and bra with some top models have the courage to see her breasts. Fashion is finer than ever. No more artificial decorations and exaggerations. Minimalism reigns since if you look closely, is not as ‘minimal’. Volumes and measures are key components in fashion and are always moving. This summer will be very mini skirts or really big volumes also important for pants (the so-called palazzo pants) and skirts (skirts full).


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