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Ikea Catalogue 2012

Ikea is one of our favourite stores to buy furniture and decoration items for the house. As the 2011 finishes is time to make our decoration drems come true: renovate the living room, finally do some work in the garden, well… It’s time! And the best way to start dreaming with our 2012 projects is to check the 2012 Ikea catalogue.

It’s time to think about the fashion of our house!


If you’re alread dreaming about 1001 plans and projects for your house, the 2012 catalogue of Ikea it’s already available to check online and even if the products are not yet available, you’re probably going to enjoy going over and over marking those things that you know you want.

And after a quick first look we are sure that this year there are plenty of interesting things that will let you give your own style to your house! But what we love the most it the slogan f this year’s catalogue: “a home doesn’t need to be big, just smart”. And I can’t agree more!

In an era when houses are smaller, and even having the way, most people in the cities chooses to live in apartments, well, having smart furniture and thinking also of a smart style of decoration, will make your home unique and it will adapt to you and your needs. Those times of big houses full of furniture are long gone, minimalism and smart styles have taken over and Ikea, as usual, shows you the best of it!


One of the most interesting things you will find in this 2012 catalogue, is that all the prices have been reduced. Ikea understands the econmic crisis and wants to help! These are definitely good news, don’t you think?

Do you want to see Ikea 2012 catalogue? You can visit this website.

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