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Rock with the soul and spirit undaunted, the interior designer Maria Llado is a cream conqueror. Her style is unmistakable and includes joy mixed leather and sequins, art and the market order. A great host, she has that ambition to make you feel good at home is something that you know to move to places in which he operates. Maria Llado interiors are amazing, friendly and warm, especially studded and original. This queen of “Good Vibrations” has achieved in little more than a decade and has a voice in the national and international interior design. “In my house there are no rules. I must be able to mix,” she says.

Contemporary art, found object, antique paintings, furniture recovered and original designs harmony in your home, as well as Pucci Dries Van Noten dress up in beautiful clothes all go to market together. Independent and wild, during her university period his styles explored what was hitherto unseen in Madrid. Her family was in Washington, where he moved when his father, Jose Llado, was appointed Ambassador by President Adolfo Suarez. “I was in love and wanted to return. To complete my studies, nobody could hold me.” Here she developed her rebellious side. “I was not allowed to wear jeans or short skirts, so I left the house, well dressed and changed in the elevator. On her return, he underwent the same operation.” Her intention was to go into Fine Arts. “Every weekend we went to Ramiro Ramos painting, but I knew that I would devote myself to painting.” In the field of advertising she would develop her creative potential. “I’ve studied signs, and before and after the rigors of training, the agency was already working with her in tandem, first as a junior and then as Director of Art”. At that time it was easy to notice in Madrid with a rockabilly jacket she had bought in London. “Everyone looked at me.” The aesthetics of rock is one of the first signs of identity. “As a girl I won a slap from my father for wearing miniskirts and studded black leather belts, but I loved watching the rockers and they still attract me. My current husband has just bought a Harley-Davidson because of my insistence. “Leather has always been his favorite material. Even up to now. The skin is a classic in his closet. “I’ve never seen short pants, boots branded freelancer, mostly, and leather jackets. However, I never really liked my hair, but over the years I’ve been hoarding some fetish objects, such as Dries Van Noten or a red fur and blue that I bought many years ago in Menorca. Heads sample with a bargain price, because nobody was interested.” It is cute and smug, but she never worried about her beauty. “Now is when I start my makeup. Instead I got a tattoo 15 years ago, when nobody had,” she confesses. Her wardrobe is growing. “Even when I took a break to raise my children.”

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