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How to solve the problem of pimples

It may often happen that, for one reason or another we have to deal with pimples and the fact of having to remove it becomes a problem not easily solved. The causes of pimples can be multiple, but usually the bad eating habits affect a lot, but sometimes when the awful power of these as well as hormonal in nature, the use of beauty products that have produced reactions and allergies to skin. First, try to treat power as you can.

For a diet where you must avoid irritating foods (fries, sausages, etc. …) can be associated with using a tincture of calendula spreads with cotton on the affected area at least 2-3 times a day. After applying the dye, we must rinse everything with warm water.Try to combine these two natural wits, and the problem of unsightly pimples annoying and soon will go away.

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