Written by Tendenzias

How to keep looking “good”


Fashion as we know, is something that is hard to keep up considereing all of these new developments, it even harder to maintain as clothing items especially the ones that look good have become very expensive.

Keeping up with fashion requires a regular check of what stuff is in style, the trend is that items change so fast it becomes unbearable. There is so many designers nowadays, and to make money they have to keep designing and making clothes so every now and then there is something new. To keep looking good means you have to regularly shop and purchase the items in style and the accessories that they keep updating.

Shoes have become a ajor importance now, women have to be wearing those stiletto heel shoes and pumps and other styles to look good, men now have to be wearing those high top shoes and pointed mouth ones. For females the importance is to look sassy and sexy, men just need to look handsome and feel confident, the way to keep looking good to keep up with the trend in style. Be in the know, as in always be on top of the game and be able to get your item of what is in style.

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