Written by Tendenzias

How to Dress for Work


Getting up in the morning and putting one’s self together for work is really a tiring task. The question is now how should I dress for work? In my life, I normally dress up on mondays considering it is the first day of the week and maybe tone it down as the week progresses. It is ideal that a person dresses appropriate and abide by the rules of the organization governing dress codes.

Check if is a casual environment or is it a formal one, then it should give you an idea of what to wear. You can dress according to your job tasks, wear clothes that evidently fit you, do not wear something that is too large nor too small. Always try to keep it modest and keep hair and make-up simple for women. Always clean your shoes, they are a big part of the outfit. Professionalism is good but not because the word is professional means that you have to dress stuffy. Always try to look good but do not over do it, be always well dressed and neat. This dressing appropriate is an importance, so that in future you can probably get a promotion in the job.

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