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How to clean suede shoes

With the arrival of autumn, a change of wardrobe is needed. Away go the t-shirts and the short-sleeved shirts and here come the sweaters. Goodbye to the shorts and here come the corduroy pants … the same fate comes to shoes when you leave your flip flops and start wearing sneakers, and are prepared to wear suede shoes. So with that in mind, here is a good question: how do you clean your shoes, especially those made of suede? The chamois, you know, is one of the finest, refined leathers but is also very delicate and the most difficult to clean and polish. So how do you clean it properly, without ruining it? The fact is, if you clean the chamois in the wrong way, there is a danger that you will ruin everything.

So this is how: First, for the usual daily cleaning of the shoes, you should sprinkle the shoes every morning with the classic rubber bristle brush, readily available commercially, but if the shoes are not particularly dirty but dusty, simply use a rubber bristle brush, which is there to wipe the uppers and eliminate streaks, in contrast, if the shoes color needs to be revived, it is necessary to resort to camoscina, a suitable product for cleaning this type of shoe, available in different colors and shades, which after one pass , gives the shoes the splendor of the original color. If there is a stain in your shoes proceed directly to brushing the surface to be treated to remove dust, then step on the spot with a cotton swab moistened with milk and if the stain persists, proceed with washing. But how do you wash suede shoes without ruining them?

Here’s how: First, prepare a solution by placing in a bowl of warm water with a dash of shampoo used on delicate hair and plenty of fabric softener. With the help of a brush across the surface of the shoe, once the washing has been completed, proceed with care and rinse with running water, then dry the shoes away from heat sources, with the heel on the ground and the tip raised, to prevent the formation of zones in the uppers, and once the shoes are completely dry, pass completely, with a cloth soaked in milk. The shoes are now back brand new, perfect and ready to wear! You just have to keep your suede shoes clean.Now that the shoes are returned to new, you’re ready for the next round!


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