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How to Clean shoes

Keeping shoes clean is not always easy. Much depends on the wearer, the children, for example, are unlikely to give up the pleasure of jumping in puddles during rainy days and coming home with small shoes covered with mud. The days of rain, in fact, could be lethal for other types of shoes, such as suede or leather. To say nothing of sports, depending on the type of sport (football, running, etc. …) the shoes you wear can be reduced after the race, to a mound of earth and mud, with bruises here and there. How, then, to take care of these shoes, thus expressing our gratitude for their impeccable comfort? A basic premise is that each shoe will require a specific material that will in turn require a particular method of cleaning.

However, a rule that applies to every type of shoe, during its cleaning, is to act so as not to damage any delicate materials. But let’s see specifically how to act on the different types of shoe. Where leather shoes are concerned, this type of shoe is by far the most delicate due to the material of which they are composed. Apart from traditional products made specifically for this purpose, you may do the following if they are particularly dirty: you should first wash with a wet sponge; then they must be dried in the proper manner, filling them with newspaper to ensure maintenance of the form until they have dried completely.

To get it shiny, it should be dried to perfection, before using a soft bristle brush or soft cloth. Some people also use the classic home remedies for cleaning leather shoes, like cleansing milk, or orange peel, followed by the use of a soft cloth. Suede shoes should be treated after each use, carefully brushed to remove any remaining dust. For this type of cleaning, use the appropriate brushes with rubber bristles that eliminate any streaks resulting in the usual glossy footwear. If they are particularly dirty, they can be washed in a basin filled with lukewarm water with shampoo and fabric softener. After rinsing, they must be dried in the open air, away from heat sources. To cleanse the skin, after washing and drying, you can pass a cloth soaked in and wrung out of milk and, after subsequent drying, you can proceed with the classic scamoscina, sellable in shoe shops. To give substance to the skin, including the classic home remedies, there are those who use the steam of the iron.

Fabric shoes are the easiest to clean, since they can be safely washed by hand or machine. If they have laces, remove them before washing; wash them in a bowl separately. The shoes are hand washed in cold water with soap and fabric softener. To dry them well, place them within newsprint to keep the shape. Finally, for leather shoes or boots, always use the proper nourishing cream before completing the job by passing a soft cloth to polish it further. As for further cleaning of the sole, this rule is good or bad for all types of footwear. With a screwdriver, you can remove any stones, but with an old toothbrush, you can wash the entire surface with warm water, taking care not to wet the rest of the material of the shoe.


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