Written by Tendenzias

How To Choose The Lipstick


Often, when women wore make-up one of the main things they do is to apply even if we must say that you never know what is suitable for the type of skin you have. In this short article we try to give suggestions on how the lipstick should be chosen based on the characteristics of their skin. One of the first things to do is choose between different types of lipsticks, there are so many like to stick those fluids, those having a shiny or matte, or even those anti-age that are very nutritious. Then the lipstick you can choose them based on price as well because there are so many perfumes. One element that could guide you to choose the best of your lipstick is the color of your skin.


 If you opt for bright colors such as dark red, whereas if, you have a fair complexion, in this case you should choose light colors such as pink, light brown.


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