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How To Choose The costume is best for us



Is approaching the summer and now is the time to choose the costume is best for us, to our physical and who can best show our quality and hide our faults? Want to know how and what costume you choose? Follow the instructions in this guide. Apart from the personal taste for the type of costume to be used during the summer, we must also take into consideration that the costumes are more suited to particular types of quality or physical defects and other less suitable. So how to choose the costume meant to enhance ourselves?


Here are tips. First, think of the upper part of the costume. If you have little big breasts and hard enough, the type of costume is a preferred triangle, alternating with a padded triangle if you want to highlight the curves, or if you have breasts too small, too large for the breast better band or a restraining bra. For the part below, if you have small hips and butt hard prefer the thong or g-string or alternatively the side straps and enough costumes, On the other hand to avoid sgambature wide hips and generous curves to which the board, instead of opting for a swimsuit or wide band.



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