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Hippie chic: the new tendency for 2011


What started as an experiment during the beginning of 2010, is becoming a permanent trend for 2011 (although improved, of course). The hippie fashion is here to stay.
The hippie was a social movement born in the sixties of young people against the western establishment. It included trends in political ideas, as well as music but, event though it was not supposed to be the most important, fashion. The idea was to react against fashion markets and classic lines, so included at first ethnic dresses (African, Indian, latin america), with colorful designs, flowers and, later on, bacteria shapes designs. It also include skirts and pants made of patchwork, and lots of denim, light fibers for women dresses, and jackets with bangs for men.
One important aspect of hippie fashion is accessories. They include headbands (usually made of leather), bandannas (with flowers or leaves), belts, handmade bags, and sandals.
For this 2011, as we say before, the hippie trend continues, but witha a touch of glamour. That is what has been called Hippie Chic.
Several world renowned designers have sign in this tendency, like Ralph Laurent, Kenzo, Anna Sui, Peter Som and Hermes. In Spain, we should mention specially designer Francis Montesinos, with his Ibiza´s hippie collection presented in Cibeles 2011 (shown in the picture at the top of this post).
Whereas hats and boots are a must whitin this tendency for winter, bandannas and sandals are the accessories that will accompany the flowery designs for summer, as well as vaporous fibers, as several movie stars are being wearing these days.

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