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Helping your partner looking good

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Has your male partner ever asked you for advice regarding what to wear and you had no clue as what to say? Here are some tips that will make you a guru of fashion (a female version of “queer taste for the straight guy”).
Firs of all, recommend your boyfriend or husband to wear according to his age. A teenager wearing suits on a daily basis would look more like a Mormon than that serious and respectable person he probably is trying to look like, whereas a mature man (let us say, in his fifties) wearing skater clothes will look, simply, ridiculous.
Second, wearing according to age does not mean that if he is 45 he will be dressed like Travolta in Saturday Night Live. No, every style should be up to date.
Third, thorn and dirty may apply to some jeans, but not for the rest of the clothes, especially formal wear.
Fourth, the first recommendation has to compromise with the rule that every occasion has his style. He cannot go to a formal wedding reception wearing jeans, whatever his age may be.
Fifth, haircut is important;  no matter what style he is up to, his hair should look attended. Convince him that a 3 euro haircut cannot be good, even it several years have passed since he first went to that nice barber shop.
Sixth, accessories are essential, too. A good pair of paints an a gorgeous shirt may be ruined if not matched with proper shoes, for instance.  Belts have to matched with shoes, both in colour and style. Ties, scarfs and handkerchiefs should also be in accordance with the rest of the clothes.

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